Take Back the Night 2021 - You are Enough
UCI CARE is pleased to announce UCI’s 24th annual Take Back the Night (TBTN), a student-led event held to raise awareness and be in solidarity with those who have been impacted by different forms of power-based personal violence. This year’s event will be held throughout the month of April, in a virtual environment. This year's theme is You are Enough. Throughout this month, students, staff, and faculty members can download the Take Back the Night zoom background, view artistic performances, listen to keynote speakers, browse the virtual resource and education fair, view the online Clothesline Project testimonials, and participate in the share-out and other virtual events on this page.

A Message from President Drake

April 2021 marks the official 20th anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It is a moment to raise awareness on the issues of sexual assault and educate community members on ways they can prevent sexual violence. 

In this video, Dr. Michael V. Drake, President of the University of California, encourages "every one of us must work together to prevent sexual violence and create a culture of equity, respect, and justice for all. Violence is preventable. It requires individuals to take action and requires systemic change." President Drake urges every member of the UC community to join in on the movement to end sexual violence. Together we can create a world that is intolerant of all forms of power-based personal violence.

Take Back the Night Opening Remarks 

Mandy Mount, Ph.D., Director of UCI CARE

Take Back the Night Keynote Speakers

For UCI's Take Back the Night 2021, this year's theme, You are Enough, aims to exemplify, validate, and encourage survivors' and allies' voices.

Keynote Speaker: Kenyora Parham

Kenyora ParhamOur first Keynote speaker for this event is Kenyora Parham, the Executive Director of End Rape on Campus. Most recently, Kenyora served as End Rape on Campus’s Chief of Staff. Stemming from Lynn, MA, Kenyora has over a decade of experience working with youth, families, and community leaders in the nonprofit sector. In 2016, Kenyora was recognized as a finalist for the EXTRAordinary Women campaign led by the Office of Women's of Advancement, a department within the Mayor's Office of the City of Boston. Prior to joining End Rape On Campus, she has worked for several organizations and higher-education institutions including Brandeis University; Strong Women, Strong Girls; and Simmons University. In 2020, she became the Founder and CEO of C-Suite In Living Color, a community space for BIPOC executives and those who aspire to be. Kenyora’s video invokes an inspirational message through the use of a metaphorical refrain of "walking with courage" to serve as an empowering reminder for survivors, that they have the right to reclaim their power, their right to their body, and their right to define who they are all while affirming that they are enough. 

Keynote Speaker: Chris Richardson

Chris RichardsonOur second Keynote speaker for this event is Chris Richardson. Hailing from Stuttgart, Germany, Chris knows only one direction in life: forward. Chris adeptly balances being a performing artist with entrepreneurial expertise: Chris is an actor, dancer, and model appearing in television commercials and music videos; and has had entrepreneurial success in founding Kathenas Entertainment, Kathenas Fitness, and a men’s mental health awareness website called men-tallyaware.com. In the midst of his involvements, he stays grounded by volunteering at organizations including The Bowery Mission, Covenant House NYC, and Alvin Ailey Extension. Being a survivor of rape, domestic violence, suicide attempts, multiple arrests, and substance abuse motivates him to “stay ready”—this is the mantra of life he lives by, that keeps him in a position to be ready for what life brings or takes away. For Take Back the Night 2021, Chris discusses surviving rape and domestic violence as a man, and the importance of Take Back the Night, because it provides the space and resources that weren't available to people like him then, but are accessible to people now. You will hear an inspiring poem, to encourage and remind people that they are more than enough, and worthy of a life free from violence and fear. 

Keynote Speaker: Keith Edwards

Keith EdwardsOur final Keynote speaker for this event is Dr. Keith Edwards. Over the past 20 years, Keith has spoken and consulted at more than 200 colleges and universities presented more than 200 programs at national conferences and written more than 20 articles or book chapters on sexual violence prevention, men’s identity, and social justice education. Keith co-edited the book Addressing Sexual Violence in Higher Education and co-authored the chapter on Comprehensive Sexual Violence Prevention in this book. He co-chaired American College Personnel Association’s Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence Prevention in Higher Education and co-edited the publication Beyond Compliance: Addressing Sexual Violence in Higher Education. Additionally, Keith has given a TED Talk on how preventing sexual violence has been viewed around the world. For Take Back the Night 2021, Keith reminds you that you are enough. You are enough to survive sexual violence, to heal, and to thrive. That you are enough to support survivors in your life. That you are enough to get consent, give it, and change your mind. That you are enough to prevent sexual violence when it is imminent and to intervene at the roots of sexual violence in our communities. You are enough. 

Take Back the Night Share-Out

UCI’s Take Back the Night Shareout is a virtual space for those who have been affected by power-based personal violence to share their experiences. Survivors can use their voice, printed words, art, or other means to express themselves. There will also be space available for allies to show support. Submissions will be accepted and posted on Padlet throughout the month of April. To share your experiences or demonstrate community support, please view the Survivor Shareout Padlet

Padlet QR Code

Take Back the Night Virtual Resource Fair

Welcome to UCI CARE’s Virtual Take Back the Night Resource Fair! In this virtual resource fair, you can explore videos, resources, and links to activities. Please note that some content was provided as presentation slides without audio. Individual slides will be on the screen for four seconds. We encourage you to pause the video as needed to allow yourself time to read and engage at your own pace. 

Take Back the Night Artistic Performances

Sergio Camacho - Discontinuous Unity 

Sergio Camacho is a third-year B.F.A. Dance and Philosophy major. He started training in dance at the age of 14 and hasn't turned back. Some of his professional performances include Newsies, West Side Story, White Christmas, and Beauty and the Beast at the Pechanga Resort and Casino. Sergio's concert work consists of performing in UCI's Dance Visions and multiple M.F.A. candidate thesis works.

Uniting Voices - Somewhere and Somewhere Only We Know Rendition

Uniting Voices is an all-gender acapella group at UCI. Although its members come from many different backgrounds and experiences, they are united through their shared passion for music and empowered by the musical community that surrounds them.


Uniting Voices - Masterpiece

Savannah Graves - Girl Like Me

Savannah Graves is a Los Angeles-based dancer who began her dance journey in 2016 at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy. Studying a variety of different genres, she identifies most with a fusion of hip hop elements and contemporary style movements. Inspiration stems from relationships and interactions with those who have lost along the way and those who are forthcoming. Savannah is driven by community and family. Savannah is a 4th-year dance and choreography BFA major and plans to graduate with her class in the spring of 2021!

The Clothesline Project  

Clothesline Project 2021 (Submit a virtual t-shirt: bit.ly/clothesline2021)
The Clothesline Project is an online participatory exhibit and a visual display designed to break the silence surrounding violence against community members and to illustrate the impact of violence.

The virtual exhibit is comprised of t-shirts designed by survivors of violence and by their families and friends who have been impacted by the violence perpetrated against their loved ones. Participants can view the t-shirts on clotheslines to bear witness to these tragedies. The project focuses on providing healing for survivors of violence, educating the public about violence, and preventing violence.

View the Virtual Clothesline Project

Individuals are invited and welcome to submit a t-shirt via bit.ly/clothesline2021

Peter's Green Dot Adventure!

Peter's Green Dot Adventure

Are you ready for Peter's Green Dot Adventure? You'll have an opportunity to explore the Take Back the Night page and answer online questions to unlock a potential gift card prize - but wait! Participants cannot move forward in the online game unless they answer each question. Begin the adventure now!

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Workshops

re:Charge Grounding Boxes for Students - Thursday, April 1 at 12 PM PST

Grounding boxes are self-care tools that consist of items that may be utilized to support the user in anchoring themselves in the present moment, where they can remind themselves of and cultivate a sense of safety. This workshop is open to students who want to learn about a self-care tool they can utilize for themselves or share with others. Register here

Waymakers Sexual Assault 101 - Thursday, April 1 at 8 AM PST

This pre-recorded discussion, featuring Waymakers Prevention Education Specialist Nicole Zarates, CHES, and Prevention Coordinator Sabrina Hughes, will provide a blueprint for Sexual Assault Awareness Month and teach community members about definitions, consent, myths, and sexual assault prevention. This video is available until April 9th. View here

re:Charge Grounding Boxes for Staff and Faculty - Friday, April 2 at 12 PM PST

Grounding boxes are self-care tools that consist of items that may be utilized to support the user in anchoring themselves in the present moment, where they can remind themselves of and cultivate a sense of safety. This workshop is open to faculty and staff who want to learn about a self-care tool they can utilize for themselves or share with others. Register here

Green Dot Certification Training Part I - Tuesday, April 6 at 4 PM PST

A Green Dot is any choice, behavior, or action that promotes safety for everyone and communicates intolerance for power-based personal violence in our community. This 2-hour workshop will go over what an active bystander is, how culture change happens, and how to identify when a situation is potentially harmful. Register here

Waymakers Virtual Open House - Tuesday, April 6 at 6 PM PST

The virtual open house will take folks through the history of common Sexual Assault Awareness Month events, services Waymakers provide to those impacted by sexual violence, Waymakers clients sharing their experiences, and how you can join the movement against sexual assault, abuse, and harassment. View here

Faculty & Staff: Lunch and Learn - Wednesday, April 7 at 12 PM PST

Conversations around consent and boundaries can and should start young. But how exactly do we start these dialogues? What will the child understand based on their age? Caregivers and parents are invited to come to learn more about how we can foster healthy understandings of consent, boundaries, and relationships with the young people in our lives. Register here

Virtual Clothesline T-Shirt Making Event - Wednesday, April 7 at 2 PM PST

Join members of the Clothesline Committee to design and submit a virtual t-shirt for the Clothesline Project. Participants can choose to remain anonymous by keeping their videos and microphones off and/or changing their Zoom name. Feel free to drop in anytime. Join here

Empowered Self Defense - Thursday, April 8 at 2 PM PST

Hosted by UCR CARE. We are entitled to live boldly and freely without fear. This two-part series empowers individuals to explore self-defense's connection to the mind, body, and spirit and learn ways to respond to dangerous situations without judgment and victim-blaming. All raffles and prizes are for UCR students. Join here

Making Scents of Healing: An Aromatherapy Workshop for People Impacted by Trauma - Tuesday, April 13 at 12 PM PST

In this virtual workshop, participants will learn about the benefits of essential oils for addressing symptoms of trauma, design their own unique aromatherapy blends and learn how to create personalized tools to be used as part of an overall self-care plan. Registration is open to all UCI Affiliates. Register here

Untold Histories: Honoring the Legacy of BIPOC Anti-Sexual Violence Activists - Tuesday, April 13 at 4 PM PST

Hosted by UCR CARE. The intersecting stories of anti-sexual violence activism and the fight against Black oppression have largely been untold. Wanda Swan - a national award-winning survivor advocate, published scholar, and anti-oppression coach—will highlight the history of BIPOC anti-violence activists and abolitionists who have shaped today’s anti-sexual violence movement. In partnership with WRC & ASP. Register here

Green Dot Certification Training II - Thursday, April 15 at 4 PM PST

How do I intervene in a situation? How can I help prevent violence? This 2-hour workshop will cover what reactive and proactive actions each student, staff, and faculty member in our community can take in order to make our campus a more safe and inclusive space for everyone. This workshop encourages attendance and participation from students, staff, and faculty. This is part two of our Green Dot Bystander Intervention training, part one will be hosted again in the fall quarter. Please note that you do not need to attend part one before attending part two. Register here

Healing and Everyday Activism - Thursday, April 27 at 4:30 PM PST

 Hosted by UCSC CARE and UCSC Womxn's Center. Andrea Pino-Silva is an unapologetic storyteller and fearless advocate for survivors of sexual assault and LGBTQ+ people of color. This keynote talk will share her perspectives on healing and everyday activism, and how our community can support survivors. There will be space for audience Q&A. Register here

End April with Denim Day

Denim Day is an outward example of how a community can help change people's perceptions of violence against members of the community. Please support us by: (1) Wearing denim on Denim Day on April 28, 2021, and participate in the Denim Day contest, (2) Tagging UCI CARE on social media and use the #UCIDenimDay, and (3) Talking about the court case and other harmful myths that exist about sexual assault.

Denim Day 2021

Giving Day 2021 - Support Survivors with UCI CARE

"I wasn't expecting the situation that happened to me to affect me as much as it did and still does...I can't overstate how grateful I am that UCI has this organization." - Graduate Student, September 2020

Mark your calendar! This year's Giving Day takes place on April 28th, 2021. The funding priorities for Giving Day 2021 include CARE’s healing/support services and program support. 

Your donation of any amount will directly support the mission and work of the CARE office and allow us to continue providing innovative, critical, and lifesaving services to the campus community and survivors of power-based personal violence. Below you can learn more about some of the ways CARE supports survivors and read examples of how your donation will be used to help. Together, we can ensure that UCI’s students, staff, and faculty have the resources and support that they need to create safe spaces and thrive. Give today

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This event is sponsored by UCI CARE in collaboration with Right to KNOW, Challenging All Men to Prevent Sexism (CHAMPS), and Greek Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP)