The CARE Speakers Bureau is made up of individuals who are willing to discuss personal experiences for the purpose of increasing awareness around the issues of emotional, verbal and physical abuse, sexual violence, gender issues, and personal safety.

As friends and family members of survivors experience their own healing process, CARE also provides a Speakers Bureau for family and friends of survivors to share their stories.

Our goal is to raise awareness in an effort to create cultural change, decrease violence, and increase empathy at UCI and in the larger community. The Speakers Bureau reflects a support network for victims interested in seeking supportive connections and for community members to develop a sense of personal power in identifying and safely intervening in situations that may lead to sexual assault.

Interested in Participating in Speakers Bureau?

If you are interested in participating, please submit a CARE Speakers Bureau Survey. You may submit your completed form to:


G320 Student Center

Irvine, CA 92697-2220

or, email it to

After submitting your form you will be contacted by the Director of CARE, Eli Pascal, to discuss your interest in becoming a member of the CARE Speakers Bureau. If you are selected to speak as a member of the bureau, you will retain the option of participating in upcoming opportunities according to your interest and schedule.

Information collected under the Speakers Bureau is confidential and will never be shared with an outside third party unless explicitly authorized.