Right to KNOW

2016_2017 Right to KNOW Peer Education Group
2016-2017 Right to KNOW Peer Education Group

Right to KNOW peers raise awareness throughout the UCI community about the widespread occurrence of sexual assault and promote activities and attitudes that contribute to the elimination of sexual violence.

Right to KNOW gave me a voice on campus. The freedom to make change, stand up, speak out and build unity was only a fragment of what we accomplished. - Noreen, former RTK Peer Educator and Coordinator

Right to KNOW's mission

The mission of the Right to KNOW peer program is to raise awareness throughout the UCI community about the widespread occurrence of sexual assault, relationship abuse and stalking, and to promote activities and attitudes that will contribute to the elimination of these acts of violence.  Central to the group’s purpose is the examination of factors that contribute to interpersonal violence.

To fulfill the group’s mission, Right to KNOW peer educators present educational programming throughout the campus.  This includes small workshops on campuses and in the community as well as large outreach projects such as Green Dot, Clothesline Project and Take Back the Night.  Right to KNOW members serve a fundamental role in educating incoming students about safety issues and in providing support to survivors of sexual violence on campus.

The Right to KNOW peers present on a variety of topics, and each workshop is tailored to meet the needs of your group. To schedule a Right to KNOW workshop, please fill out a Workshop Request Form on the CARE website!

Program Requirements

Participants are selected during the Spring Quarter for the following academic year. The individuals that are selected must attend 15 hours of training during the Fall quarter. This training takes a holistic approach in exploring dynamics, root causes, and personal and community impacts and responses to power-based personal violence. Acquiring this knowledge allows students to have a broad-based understanding of the issues related to power-based personal violence and to challenge beliefs and attitudes that support its continuation. Students receive training on designing and implementing educational programming for their peers and engage in intentional outreach and community engagment to raise awareness and encourage prevention. 

Students that are selected for Right to KNOW are required to commit their full participation to the entire academic year.

Participation will include:

  • Attendance at an annual weekend retreat
  • Completion of 15 hours of Fall training
  • Attendance at weekly meetings (Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.)
  • Commitment to presenting at least 4 educational workshops, 2 passive programs, The Clothesline Project, and Denim Day.

Your commitment to Right to KNOW will benefit you by providing:

  • 1.3 units of academic credit for each quarter of the academic year
  • Training by mental health professionals
  • Practical experience in counseling and educational programming
  • Opportunities to help others
  • Important knowledge and skills valued by top graduate school programs
  • Public speaking opportunities
  • Personal growth and empowerment



Challenging All Men to Prevent Sexism
2015 CHAMPS Peer Education Group
2015-2016 CHAMPS Peer Education Group

CHAMPS is an organization dedicated to addressing the issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking in our communities.

The CHAMPS peer program is based on the belief that men play a necessary role in helping to end sexual and relationship violence. The mission of CHAMPS is to promote campus awareness and provide education about sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking. This group is committed to providing the UCI community with resources, support, and proactive suggestions for eliminating sexual violence through educational programs, workshops, and campus events.

Students who are selected to be CHAMPS peer educators will receive training from campus and community professionals, improve their public speaking and leadership development skills, and gain practical experiences and knowledge valued by top graduate school programs and employers. Additionally, as part of CHAMPS, students will have the opportunity to build strong relationships with administrators and faculty who identify as men through the CHAMPS Mentorship Program. CHAMPS engages in joint programming and social events with other CARE peer education groups. 

Being a CHAMPS Member provides an  opportunity to develop invaluable leadership skills.  This position offers the opportunity to learn about issues related to sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking as well as be an important resource and leader for the UCI community.  


Your Commitment to CHAMPS will also benefit you by providing: 

  • 1.3 Units pass/ no pass 
  • Leadership experience
  • Public speaking development
  • Outreach to Campus and local communities
  • UCI staff and faculty networking
  • Workshop facilitation experience
  • Event coordinating experience
  • Research experience


... and so much more.  If you aren't convinced yet on whether or not you want to submit an application, CHAMPS also has an ongoing volunteer program where you can join a single CHAMPS meeting and see for yourself.  CHAMPS would like to get folx exposed to this experience.  

No commitments are attached with being a CHAMPS volunteer.   To apply to become CHAMPS Volunteer, please complete the Google volunteer form:  https://goo.gl/forms/xehEQAvPfvhrI4Mc2 

If you would like to submit an application to become a member in the 2018-2019 academic year, please complete the CHAMPS Google application here:   https://goo.gl/forms/FTF3xAuSLr3y93023 

VIP Program

Violence Intervention and Prevention

The VIP Program was founded on the idea that Greeks can come together in their community to educate themselves on these topics and provide support to their chapter members. Representatives from each fraternity and sorority (VIP Chairs) facilitate various awareness programs for their chapter's members and for the UCI Greek Community as a whole.

2016-2017 VIP Chairs

As a VIP Chair, you receive:

  • Training by campus and community professionals
  • Practical experience in counseling and educational programming
  • Opportunities to serve as a central resource for your chapter and the Greek community as a whole
  • Important knowledge and skills valued by top graduate school programs
  • Public speaking and leadership opportunities
  • Personal growth and empowerment
  • 1.3 academic units each quarter

VIP Chair Responsibilities include:

  • A commitment to membership for the full academic year (Fall, Winter & Spring)
  • Attendance at the Fall quarter Retreat 
  • Attendance/Participation at weekly trainings
  • Assist with and support campuswide events
  • Attendance/Participation in Take Back the Night Planning Committee meetings
  • Serve as a point of contact for chapter members who have been impacted by sexual assault, domestic violence or stalking
  • Help facilitate referrals to the CARE office as appropriate
  • Provide education regarding resources and options to respective chapter members, including a commitment to:
    • coordinate one collaborative workshop/program per quarter
    • provide brief educational tips at chapter meetings after each training
    • coordinate an educational station at "Take Back the Night" during Spring quarter

Quotes from some of our VIP Chairs:

  • ...And that's the beauty of the VIP program: it allows a small group of people to speak up for others and be the force that drives change in the community. Knowledge and awareness spread like wildfire. Once one person has the ability to spread knowledge, it will continue to spread through networks of people until awareness is global. It starts with us, and that makes me so immensely proud to be VIP Chair and be able to pass this knowledge on to everyone I know.
  • I have grown attached to my fellow VIP Chairs, and they are like a family away from home. This connection is what keeps us united and takes us one step further to accomplishing our goals.
  • I truly believe that the collective efforts of the VIP Chairs will leave a lasting legacy, both at UCI and various other campuses, for future generations to come.
  • I felt really good being able to go up in front of all my sisters and feel confident in the information I shared. It's really important to me that I expressed to my sisters that I am here and I am a resource they can come to if they need help.

For more information on The VIP Program, please contact Eli Pascal, Assistant Director, via email at pascale@uci.edu.

International Dots

IDots Logo

International Dots is a group of international students who help create awareness about sexual assault, relationship violence, and violence prevention on our campus. They are student leaders who encourage students to make safe and healthy decisions while studying abroad. International Dots is a collaborative program between UCI CARE and the International Center.

If you are interested in helping other students, this is a great volunteer leadership opportunity for you.

As a member of International Dots you will:

  • Attend educational trainings and learn how to be a leader
  • Help create workshops or programs for international students
  • Serve as a leader and resource for other students
  • Gain leadership skills such as diversity training and public speaking

Like International Dots on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Internationaldots/

Application for International Dots: www.tinyurl.com/intldots

For more information on the International Dots program, please contact the CARE office. 

International Dots at Take Back the Night 2016

IDots TBTN 2016

CARE Speakers Bureau

The CARE Speakers Bureau is made up of individuals who are willing to discuss personal experiences for the purpose of increasing awareness around the issues of emotional, verbal and physical abuse, sexual violence, gender issues, and personal safety.

As friends and family members of survivors experience their own healing process, CARE also provides a Speakers Bureau for family and friends of survivors to share their stories.

Our goal is to raise awareness in an effort to create cultural change, decrease violence, and increase empathy at UCI and in the larger community. The Speakers Bureau reflects a support network for victims interested in seeking supportive connections and for community members to develop a sense of personal power in identifying and safely intervening in situations that may lead to sexual assault.

Interested in Participating in Speakers Bureau?

If you are interested in participating, please submit a CARE Speakers Bureau Survey.  You may submit your completed form to:

G320 Student Center
Irvine, CA 92697-2220

or, email it to CARE@uci.edu

After submitting your form you will be contacted by the Director of CARE, Dr. Mandy Mount, to discuss your interest in becoming a member of the CARE Speakers Bureau. If you are selected to speak as a member of the bureau, you will retain the option of participating in upcoming opportunities according to your interest and schedule.

Information collected under the Speakers Bureau is confidential and will never be shared with an outside third party unless explicitly authorized.