Night time Clothesline Project during Take Back the Night 2023

The Clothesline Project is a participatory exhibit and a visual display designed to break the silence surrounding violence against community members and illustrate violence's impact.

The exhibit consists of t-shirts designed by survivors of violence and their families and friends impacted by the violence perpetrated against their loved ones. Participants can view the t-shirts on clotheslines to bear witness to these tragedies. The project focuses on healing survivors of violence, educating the public about violence, and preventing violence.

Statistics become individuals. Abstract ideas become real.

Clothesline Shirt Color Meanings

Make a T-shirt!

 The making of a t-shirt can be a very liberating event. It breaks down the silence and isolation many feel and helps transform from victim to survivor. Each year, the UCI Community has the opportunity to create a t-shirt to show their support.

 The CARE office invites all individuals of any gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, or ability status to participate in our campaign that has been personally affected by sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking. Our goal for this project is to support survivors in bringing awareness to the many different types of violence in our communities and working with community members on a collaborative response to prevent further violence from occurring to those we CARE about!